Here is where you will find the homework for the week. Make sure to check in and keep up with class assignments! Remember- homework is worth 15% of your quarterly grade.

Homework for the week of 10/16:

Wednesday night: Finish climate squares All week: Study for the quiz on Friday (physical map of Latin America, vocab, and notes). Use the links below to review for the map. (South America only) (Central and... read more

Homework for the week of 10/2:

NO CURRENT EVENTS THIS WEEK Monday night: 10 facts about Latin America due: Tuesday Tuesday night: Finish Discovery Activities handout from class due: Wednesday Wednesday night: Physical map of Latin America due: Thursday read more

Homework for the week of 6/12

STUDY for political map quiz next Tuesday, 6/20. Use the links below to practice the map of the countries.  ... read more

Homework for the week of 5/30:

Binder Portfolio pieces will be collected next Thursday, 6/8. You need to turn in all warm ups and 6 portfolio pieces. Asia’s physical geography essay will be returned this week. Grades lower than 70% need to be signed and returned and essay corrections may be made up until next Wednesday,... read more

Homework for the week of 4/24:

Monday: Finish “Rivers” graphic organizer for your assigned river Current Events due: Friday Tuesday: Finish the Guided Reading for South Asia Current Events due: Friday Wednesday: Finish the map for Central and SW Asia Current Events due: Friday Thursday: Current Events due: Friday Friday:... read more

Homework for the week of 3/13

Monday night- Finish “The Forger” response Final Timeline cards due FRIDAY, this will be a TEST grade NO current events this week Friday- Finish map and begin European country research read more

Homework for the week of 3/6:

Monday: Holocaust Reading and questions Quiz Friday- Make your own study guide (follow instructions) due: Friday Tuesday- Friday: WWI and Holocaust Cards due: Thursday Quiz and Study guide due Friday... read more

Homework for the week of 2/27:

Monday- Read Chapter 2, section 3 and complete the section assessment Current events due Friday Tuesday- Child Labor Reading and questions Finish Industrial Revolution paragraph Current events due Friday Tests returned today, if you plan to retake the test you must do so by next Tuesday, 3/7 Wednesday- Finish Working conditions questions Industrial Revolution Timeline Card Current events due Friday Thursday- Current events due tomorrow Friday- No... read more

Homework for the week of 2/13:

Final copies of the first 4 timeline cards due on Thursday. 1. Fall of Rome 2. Middle Ages 3.Black Plague 4. Renaissance and Scientific Revolution All final cards should have pictures, connections, appropriate years and detailed summaries Anyone who does not come to class with final cards on Thursday will be assigned lunch detention TEST Friday on sections 1 and 2 of chapter 2. Study pg. 57-68 in your binder along with the study guide... read more

Homework for the week of 2/6:

Tuesday: Complete Plague timeline card, due: Wednesday Wednesday: Work on research for Renaissance Figure (complete graphic organizer) Thursday and Friday: Work on Renaissance timeline card *NO CURRENT EVENTS THIS WEEK- You may complete one for extra credit if you... read more